Anomaleet was founded in 2017 with the purpose of offering to the Institutions the possibility to safeguard and implement the road safety in order to protect the citizens, cutting at the same time the management costs at their expense. Since the Public Administration is playing a fundamental role in the street maintenance with a reduced budget, Anomaleet team has created a system that can manage, detect and record the pavement dilapidation with a significant cost optimization.

This system analyses the bumps and offer a proactive analysis that allows the technician to organize and plan the maintenance interventions on the pavement. Thanks to the online platform, the Public Administration will be able to record and identify the anomaly on the road network within its competence territory assigning priority to the most important critical issues.



Thanks to Anomaleet it is also possible to track and control the evolution of the pavement cracks, allowing the Institutions to intervene quickly if the anomaly suddenly get worse.

In addition, the digital platform will facilitate the control and containment of the hidden costs that are the standard results of the traditional road management. The social cost of a pavement crack is calculated to be around 5000 Euros per year.

Only an automatic and scientific method can reduce this amount, producing a money saving up to 80%.

TCR (Total Cost of Responsability)

Report management, reliability assessment, site inspection, asphalt degradation curve, planning, maintenance intervention, insurance policy and compensation are the components that heavily affect the collective social costs. Anomaleet, with its methodology determines a sharp reduction of the TRC (Total Cost of Responsibility), making the ROI (Return On Investments) immediately perceptible.

Having a real time update on the pavement conditions allows you to activate preventive and immediate interventions.

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